Nouvelle version du firmware du Flash Pixel Mago F2A_008


Une nouvelle version du firmware du Flash Pixel Mago est disponible (mars 2015).

Elle est référencé sous : F2A_008 plusieurs choses :

1. Optimization   The exposure accuracy has been optimized further.
2. Correction      When using old type camera (Max. MULT mode frequency supports 199Hz), if the flash frequency setting over 199Hz under MULT mode. When you check the MULT frequency from the camera, an error may occur and cannot be fixed.
3. Correction      When controlling original flash under optical control mode, the light output of the original flash is relatively darker.
4. Correction      When using auto zoom to adjust the focal length of the lens, there is no movement in some focal length.
5. Correction      When using high speed sync mode under optical control mode, the shooting pictures may have black frames issue.
6. Addition        Under Slave mode, when received Master firing and firing is done, it will show flash mode or flash value.
7. Change         Since 1st curtain icon and 2nd curtain icon is too close to recognize, so the 1st curtain icon will not show and the 2nd curtain icon remains.

C’est disponible sur le site officiel :

N’oubliez pas de relire la méthode pour mettre à jour votre firmware du flash Pixel Mago.